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Подписка на новости

Universities of the World

“Universities of the World” is a project established in 2010 by an independent non-profit company “Master of Education”. Our aim is to monitor the situation within the field of international education and to provide potential students from Russia and CIS with all the information and support necessary to apply to the leading Universities in UK, USA, Canada and other countries.

Within the framework of “Universities of the World” project we conduct presentations, workshops and interviews with representatives of higher educational institutions. On our website we are going to provide up-to-date information on universities, colleges, undergraduate and graduate programs along with news from the world of post-secondary education.

Among our partners we already have many leading universities and colleges from all over the world. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you would like to promote your educational facility and programs you would like to offer in Russia by info@unimira.ru